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InterMET Asia 2014

InterMET Asia 2014 is the most comprehensive showcase of the latest trends and products from the Environmental & Energies trade show industry. The show is being organized by Media Generation Group Ltd, and will be held at Max Atria, Singapore Expo, Singapore trade show, Singapore trade show.from 2014-06-02 to 2014-06-03. You can find out the Description of InterMET Asia 2014 along with event profile, organizer, exhibitor and visitor profile, venues and fair dates to plan your participation much in advance here.

When: 2014-06-02 to 2014-06-03

Country/City: Singapore, Singapore

Venue: Max Atria, Singapore Expo

Related Industries: Environmental & Energies trade show

InterMET Asia 2014 is an international exhibition and conference dedicated to the meteorology industry in the Asia-Pacific region, showcasing a broad range of meteorological instruments and technologies relevant to national and international weather services and weather-sensitive businesses. InterMET Asia 2014 will enable leading international vendors of weather and environmental monitoring and analysis technologies to meet face to face with a carefully targeted group of regional buyers from no fewer than 25 countries across the APAC region. Buyers will drawn from diverse sectors including national meteorological and hydrological services (NMHSs); national environment agencies; agriculture firms; aviation companies; construction & mining companies; defence & military organisations; DOTs & public works agencies; offshore oil & gas companies; power utilities; ports & harbours, renewable energy companies; sports & recreation organisers; transporation companies; and water utilities.

For Visitor:

Exhibit profile:
InterMET Asia will showcase a broad range of meteorological instruments and technologies for a variety of environmental monitoring networks and applications. Instruments / technologies: Albedometers Psychrometers Anenometers Pyranometers Atmometers Pyrgeometers Barometers Pyrheliometers Broadband UV radiometers Quality assurance & calibration systems Ceilometers Radio acoustic sounding systems (RASS) Cloud seeding & rain enhancement Radiometers Computers, supercomputers & software Radiosondes Data processing systems Radiowind systems Data transmission systems Rain gauges Data visualisation systems Rocketsondes Dataloggers & data acquisition systems Sap flow measurement systems Dewpoint meters Satellite & remote sensing technologies Distrometers Scatter meters Evaporation gauges and pans Scintillometers Horticultural sensors Screens & shields Hydrogen generators Seismometers Hygrometers Snowgauges Ice detection & freezing rain sensors Sodars (acoustic sounders) Illuminance meters Spectroscopic light measurements Instrumented towers, masts and tripods Telephotometric instruments Lightning detectors Theodolites Luminance sensors Thermometers Lysimeters Transmissometers Microwave radiometer profilers Tsunami warning systems Moisture analysers Visibility lidars Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas analysers Weather balloons Nowcasting & numerical weather prediction systems Weather radars Ozone analysers & ozonesondes Wind lidars Precipitation gauges Wind profilers Specialised weather monitoring systems / automatic weather stations (AWSs) for: National meteorological & hydrological services (NMHSs) Agriculture Aviation Construction & mining Defence & military operations DOTs and public works Energy industry (conventional / renewables) Transportation

Organizers Information:
Media Generation Group Ltd

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