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BikeAsia is changing its image, changing its format, changing everything.

Having reached its third edition, BikeAsia is changing its image, changing its format, changing everything. Taking a giant step towards quality and innovation, this event become totally unique: ¡°the green planet¡± celebrates and presents to operators and consumers the very best of modern green mobility: two-wheel zero emission vehicles, hybrid and electric motorcycles and scooters, power-assisted pedal bicycles, as well as traditional bicycles and accessories such as batteries.

BikeAsia is taking a huge step forward by concentrating on vehicles that will be the mobility of yet a future that is just around the corner. BikeAsia 2010 will not just present products and concepts. It will be a cultural event, the event for everyone wanting a peek at the future of transport and mobility. The products will be exhibited in a completely innovative way. Forget traditional fairs with one stand for each exhibitor. BikeAsia is one enormous stand, and each exhibitor will present their main product (or several of them) using unusual forms: igloos, containers, curved walls, totems. They are difficult to describe because they have never been seen before, but the images will give you an idea. Participating in BikeAsia costs a fraction of what you¡¯d pay to exhibit in a traditional event. You will find a complete set of rates in the website.

But taking part in BikeAsia will soon become an absolute must for everyone producing environmentally-friendly mobility vehicles. BikeAsia is set to become the annual event to see, propose, and debate on pollution-free mobility. An exhibition-convention, an entirely new event accompanied by a high-level Forum.

In Singapore: because of this small, densely populated country, with an average distance covered of less than 55km per day, per vehicle, a robust and wide-reaching electrical and ITC (information, technology and communication), and with local authorities committed to supporting the development of necessary infrastructures, is the ideal workshop for the use and study of electrical vehicles.

BikeAsia - The Green Planet will take place in Singapore from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 May 2010.