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40,000 visitors sample trends for 2010/2011 season

Besides coming to Hannover to get an overview of what the market has to offer, the approximately 40,000 DOMOTEX visitors also indicated that picking up on the latest innovations and trends and placing orders were at the top of their list. This internationally trendsetting role played by DOMOTEX was resoundingly underscored by survey findings. The focus of the interior decoration products at DOMOTEX HANNOVER 2010 has been on sustainability, styling and status, commented Professor Axel Venn, the internationally renowned color and trend scout. Carpets often serve as the centerpiece of modern living, bringing special coziness to the coffee table or inviting you to stretch out, relax and interact with others in front of the fireplace.” Professor Venn also identified some clear trends for other types of flooring on display, for example, an increasing preference for parquet made of domestic wood displaying a highly visible grain. “This is indicative of a rising interest in natural authenticity, he explained.