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Spanish Designer Shines at STONETECH 2010 SHANGHAI

It comes directly from horse’s mouth that Ramon Aymerich, one of World’s best and famous landscaping designer will participate in STONETECH 2010 SHANGHAI scheduled to be held from April 6–9, 2010 at Shanghai. Displaying his skill he will make the European art perfectly fit in with the Chinese stone.

Ramon Aymerich is a successful designer from Spain whose several fascinating works accomplished between 1974 and 1998 are located in Europe. One can see his masterpiece work in Malaya National Park, Country’s Museum in Madrid, Monsaraz Square in Portugal etc.
On invitation from Spanish government Ramon Aymerich will also attend the World Expo scheduled to be held in Shanghai in May 2010. There he will make all the products with Chinese stone under the sponsorship of CCPIT Building Materials Sub-council. The organiser has already started collecting the best raw materials for the purpose from local companies.



This venture will be another great co-operation between CCPIT Building Materials Sub-council, Spanish Government and World Expo, which is expected to result in creating some masterpieces and help make “Made in China” more popular in the world.