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Entertainment, Installations and Broadcast at Rimini Fiera from April 18th to 20th 2010.The Festival of Light: nine lighting designers follow the Dream of Fellini´s home town .The second edition of the International Scenography Days with world-class guests .SIB Forum seminars for new solutions in Digital Signage, audio networks and video formats.The National Congress of the SILB (Italian Association of Dancing & Show Entertainment Enterprises)

Rimini, 19th November 2009 - Fast approaching, the SIB 2010 the 22nd International Exhibition of Show, Business, Installation & Broadcast Technology, being held at Rimini Fiera from April 18th to 20th 2010, is the only Italian expo addressing the entire professional market of lighting, audio, video and system integration.

The expo layout will bring together the innovation of the various key sectors. The expo´s project manager Angela Bellavista explains, ´The LIGHT & STAGE TECHNOLOGY area will host the latest products in terms of entertainment lighting, architectural lighting, technology and equipment for theatre, cinema and television scenography. In the AUDIO area, the new sound frontiers for the entertainment world and in the new SIB INTEGRA section all the products for professional AV and system integration.´

An expo showcase enriched by demo areas and great events at the expo centre and in the local area.


In 2010, the Festival of Light, the event that every year features a combination of art and illumination, will arrive on the riviera, thanks to SIB. A great lighting design event dedicated to the exhibition´s professional visitors (architects, lighting designers, installers, theatre, cinema and television directors, directors of photography....) and the general public, promoted and organized by Rimini Fiera and Accademia della Luce. From April 17th to 20th 2010 the Festival of Light will embrace the entire Capital of Tourism with its suggestions, offering unusual slants on the symbolic places of Federico Fellini´s home town. The theme of Dreams, very dear to the famous film director, will paint with light the most important spaces and monuments, which bear witness to the various periods (Roman, Medieval and Renaissance), from the Arch of Augustus to the Malatesta Temple, the Podestà and Arengo Palaces to the Old Fish Market and Tiberius´ Bridge to the Grand Hotel. Installations and settings designed by important ´lighting artists´, such as Romano Baratta, Paolo Buroni, Livia Cannella, Maurizio Ciavolella, Richi Ferrero, Stefano Mazzanti, Sergio Metalli, Fulvia Michelazzi, Giuseppe and Marcello Zagaria with the support and expertise, the products and technology of some of the leading companies in the lighting sector. Four days to be experienced all-round, letting oneself be involved by the visual art, literary aperitifs, animation, shows, seminars on the future of light and educational areas in which younger visitors will be able to play with light and its colours by means of workshops and dedicated activities.


The International Scenography Days, now at their second edition, offer industry members a focus on theatrical, cinema and television scenography, once again the result of the collaboration with the international magazine The Scenographer. The Days at SIB 2010 will form the conclusive event of the International Festival of Scenic Arts (, organized by The Scenographer and held in various European locations.. Hundreds of people took part in the meetings in September at London´s prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum to listen to the speeches of speakers such as award-winning Italian master Ezio Frigerio and with him Oscar winner Franca Squarciapino, Tony Award winners Rick Fisher and William Dudley and director David Pountney, artistic director of the Bregenz Opera Festival. There was also excellent feedback from the event at the end of October in Rome where, at the 1st ´Ludovico Quaroni´ Faculty of Architecture at La Sapienza University, speakers included Oscar winners Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo, director and television host Michele Mirabella, visual director Luca Ruzza, scenographers Francesco Frigeri, Giovanni Licheri and Alida Cappellini.

A crescendo that will attract to Rimini´s SIB prestigious European Universities with their respective Faculties of Architecture and Design, Academies of Fine Arts and managers of the National Order of Architects. In fact, Rimini´s International Scenography Days will be even fuller of skills and personalities discussing topics connected with contemporary scenography, from theatre to cinema and from exhibit design to entertainment intended as live performances. Paolo Felici, editor of The Scenographer and artistic curator of the project with Maria Harman, anticipates, ´We shall cover truly innovative issues. An entire day will be dedicated to the topic of the evolution of theatrical space, with a particular focus on theatres´ architecture, new IP technologies applied to sets and scenery, the relationship between stage space, lighting and acoustics, discussed in depth with numerous architects, scenographers, lighting and sound designers, orchestra conductors, production managers and technical managers of important international theatres. There will be an ample focus on European cinema scenography with the participation of scenographers who have worked with directors of the calibre of Giuseppe Tornatore, Luc Besson, Terry Gilliam, Guillermo del Toro and George Lucas.

Space will also be dedicated to topical issues (stereoscopy as an instrument for the concept of scenography and costumes by means of the use of 3D projections) and professional meetings between SIB´s exhibiting firms and key players in contemporary scenography.´


The heart of the special new SIB Integra dedicated to professional AV and system integration, will host SIB Forum, a wide program of technical seminars dedicated to the most representative installation and system integration issues, coordinated by Connessioni, the Italian sector´s first specialist magazine. Meetings aimed at concreteness, problem solving and highlighting operative solutions and possible applications. Great speakers will give in-depth coverage, along with trade members, of the potential of Digital Signage, i.e. commercial communication by means of new technologies, also using case studies to illustrate the development of the chain, from content to realization and redemption. Then tenders, their handling and the relative problems; audio networks and processing, also in relation to live events and the handling of video formats (routing, upscaling and downscaling). Participants will also include some of the leading companies in the various applications. SIB Forum will be set up and held right in the centre of SIB Integra, to ensure the utmost vicinity of expo area and educational area, and trade members will have free access to the meetings scheduled.


SIB 2010 will also be a meeting opportunity for entrepreneurs from the show business world and entertainment in general. During the expo, SILB Italian Association of Dancing & Show Entertainment Enterprises will hold its National Congress at the expo centre, drawing hundreds of delegates from all over Italy, who will combine the opportunity of coming into contact with the proposals of technology and services from the companies exhibiting at SIB with occasions for meeting colleagues on the most topical issues for the trade and deciding on the renewal of the positions of SILB´s institutional office holders.