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At Rimini Fiera, from April 18th to 20th 2010.the only Italian focus on theatre stage technology and film and TV scenography.A great forum, in collaboration with the international magazine The Scenographer, to discover the sector´s new technological frontiers . such as stereoscopic imaging for Virtual Stage use and 4D audio in opera productions - in the company of excellent guests, including the Academy award winning scenographers of Star Wars

Rimini, 24th June 2009 . Great events at SIB 2010. The International Exhibition of Show, Business, Installation & Broadcast Technology, the only Italian expo addressing the entire professional market of lighting, audio, video and system integration technology, is preparing a comprehensive 22nd edition full of new features and being held from April 18th to 20th 2010 at Rimini Fiera. SIB will showcase all the most innovative technology connected with entertainment, architectural lighting, technology and equipment for theatre stages and cinema and television scenography. The products on show in the audio/video and system integration sector, launched in 2008, will be expanded and staged in a completely new setting, thanks to SIB Integra, the special section dedicated to professional AV and system integration, which will host SIB Forum, an ample program of technical seminars organized with the contribution of the ISE, Infocomm and CEDIA.

But that´s not all.
For the next edition, SIB once again confirms it is the only expo providing trade members a specific focus on theatre stage technology and cinema and television scenography, staging a top grade special project alongside the product showcase: the second edition of the International Scenography Days. The expo´s project manager Angela Bellavista says, ´It´s an initiative we are particularly proud of, as it is very appreciated and eagerly awaited by professionals after its excellent debut at SIB 2008, at which participants included top names such as Hugo De Ana, Sue Rowe, Tino Schaedler, Paolo Miccichè and the scenographers of Al Jazeera. We are therefore pleased to announce the renewal of the collaboration between SIB and the international magazine The Scenographer for this second edition of the Days, which promises to be even fuller of expertise and personality.´

The SIB 2010 Days will be the conclusive moment of a series of meetings programmed all over Europe and forming the International Festival of Scenic Arts (, organized by ´The Scenographer´, which will begin on 23rd September at London´s prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum. The Festival will then be staged in Rome, from October 27th to 30th, at the Sapienza University Faculty of Architecture, and at Milan Polytechnic from November 9th to 13th 2009. As official partner of the event, SIB will take part in all the Festival´s meetings, during which the guests will discuss issues connected with contemporary scenography: from theatre to cinema and television and from exhibit design to live performances.
The preparation of the program of the SIB 2010 International Scenography Days is already at an advanced stage and will include the participation of university lecturers, scholars and researchers, architects, scenographers, costume designers, designers, directors and producers. Paolo Felici, editor of ´The Scenographer´, announces, ´SIB is an expo that mainly addresses technological applications and integration, so the Days will concentrate on the combination of creativity and technology in all areas of show business. For example, there will be discussions on new systems for 3D and 4D cinema covering the topics connected with Stereoscopic Imaging for Virtual Stage use in depth. There will be no lack of excellent guests: those who have already confirmed their participation include Academy Award winning scenographers Norman Reynolds and Gavin Bocquet, along with which attendees will be able to experience the extraordinary virtual sets of the Star Wars saga. As far as theatre is concerned, during SIB 2010 absolutely new topics will be faced, such as 4D Audio in opera productions by means of discussions with sound engineers, scenographers and great orchestra conductors. Then the use of IP technology to aid the design of theatre sets. There will be no lack of key players from the contemporary scenography world, as well as the directors of some important international theatres. On the television front, attention will be focussed on the future, with screens as surfaces for telecontiguity (1:1 interactive audio/visual communication), the digital convergence of interactive multi-channel systems and much more, with illustrious international personalities.´
An unbeatable event that integrates and qualifies the great technological vocation of SIB 2010, the only expo ensuring professionals advanced products and solutions able to be used in numerous areas of application and offering great integration potential. These aspects make the Rimini Fiera International Exhibition an event not to be missed by trade members wanting to know and experiment hands-on the future tools of their profession.