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The 22nd EDITION AT RIMINI FIERA FROM APRIL 18th to 20th 2010
The leading professional expo of Lighting, Audio, Video and System Integration speeds up its procedure for growing and expanding the areas covered opening up to new horizons of technical and market convergence .The debut of SIB INTEGRA, focussing on professional Audio/Video and System Integration.The expo´s new visuals: a hyperbolic 4D route connecting the past with the future

Rimini, 23rd February 2009 . Lighting, audio, video, system integration... numerous technologies together in one key expo: SIB. The 22nd edition of the International Exhibition of Show Business, Installation & Broadcast Technology, has already set the appointment with all the sector´s professionals, at Rimini Fiera from April 18th to 20th 2010.

The biennial expo addressing trade professionals from the Show Business, Installation and Broadcast industries, promoted by Rimini Fiera SpA, will offer a huge in-depth showcase of products and advanced solutions for countless fields of application with enormous integration potential. All with the same common denominator: technology. SIB 2010 will offer an even more comprehensive versatile range of technology, opening up and expanding in a big way towards new application areas and products able to attract new categories of increasingly competent expert visitors. All-round technology that it not just cold products, but interacts and involves users . technology able to excite and astonish, exalting every experience and making it unique.

Rimini Fiera general manager Piero Venturelli explains, ´Market crossover and integration of technologies distinguished the SIB 2008 project, which was an extremely important acknowledged meeting point for the Installation world, confirming its convergence with the Show Business market. SIB 2010 will continue with even more power and decision in this direction, focussing on excellent exhibiting companies and specialist visitors.´

The expo´s project manager Angela Bellavista announces, ´Alongside the long-lasting exhibition core, dedicated to the Entertainment world, the next SIB will further strengthen the key role it has already assumed for the Installation market with the launch of a new section. It will be called SIB INTEGRA and will boost the identity of the expo sector dedicated to Audio/Video and System Integration.´

The new SIB INTEGRA section will bring together technologies and expertise for application in rapidly expanding sectors, such as Retail (shopping centres/malls, stores/outlets and food service venues), Corporate (banks, hotels, spas), Cruising (yachts, cruise liners), Large Projects (airports, theme parks, railway stations), Public Works, the Expo/Conference/Cultural sector (conference centres, multi-function centres, museums, theatres) and Digital Signage (InfoTV, Retail TV, POP). SIB INTEGRA will host SIB Forum, a busy program of top level seminars, with international speakers and meetings dedicated to the most topical issues.

The already comprehensive product showcase and professional categories that the expo will draw to Rimini Fiera next April are therefore constantly evolving and expanding.

On show at SIB 2010 Entertainment and Architectural Lighting; LED Technology; Technology and Equipment for Professional Audio; Technology and Equipment for Professional Video; Audio-Video and Information Technology Integration; Technologies and Structures for Theatres, Television Studios and Film Sets; Equipment and Fittings for Events, Mobile and Temporary Structures and Roofing; Technology for Digital Signage; Products, Equipment Systems, Technology and Services for the Broadcast Industry; Technology and Equipment for Production and Post Production.

SIB 2010 visitors will include Audio and AV rental companies, Lighting rental firms, Full Service rental firms, Video rental companies, Broadcast service companies; Installers, System Integrators, Audio Designers, Sound engineers, Audio technicians; Scenographers, Directors, Directors of Photography, Lighting Designers; Organizers of Conferences and Events, Advertising and Marketing Agencies; Technical Managers, Facility Managers, Engineers, Designers, Architects, Technicians, Building companies; Broadcasters, Television and Film Studios; Production and Post-Production Centre Staff and Operators; IT Professionals; Owners and Managers of public venues; Resellers, Agents and Importers of Systems and Equipment.

The SIB 2010 schedule will be completed by a wide program of side events inside and outside the expo. Numerous qualified opportunities for in-depth discussions for professionals from the sectors involved, with seminars, meetings and round tables. Plus installations, exhibitions and appointments organized in collaboration with trade associations, organisms, institutions, academies and trade/specialist magazines.

SIB 2010 is organized by Rimini Fiera SpA with the sponsorship of TEN . Technology & Entertainment Design Network and the SILB Italian Dancehall Owners Syndicate


The expo´s new advertising campaign is perfectly in line with the contents and aims of SIB 2010.
Daniele Chiesi of Modena´s R&S&C, which is responsible for the expo´s image, comments, ´Advertising SIB is always an exhilarating challenge, as it represents a complex multi-faceted world as far as both the vastness of the exhibited product range and the varied target it addresses are concerned. A many-sided event to be presented in an extremely telegraphic manner, with the aim of creating appeal and communicating useful information to all the professionals who, at various levels, use new lighting, audio and video technology and system integration. In fact, the concept on which the SIB 2010 advertising campaign is based is technical integration, an element that currently expresses a growth potential that would have been unimaginable even just a few years ago and confirms SIB´s role as the only all-round specialized expo in this field.´

The visuals of the next SIB show a hyperbolic 4D route connecting the present with the future, in which the fourth dimension is a virtual space, not physically represented because it is the result of sensorial perception, but now more tangible than ever, thanks to the new atmospheres that technology enables to recreate. In fact, the level of innovation offered by present-day technology has never been so high and in a certain way one can only try to describe it for a moment, as it changes and evolves at a truly astonishing speed. The visual message on which the advertising for SIB 2010 is based consists in an electronic network, studded with luminous objects and leading to a virtual door: the system´s throbbing heart. A possible environment in which technology, although it has reached such sophisticated levels that it could seem to evolve itself, remains a marvellous tool in the hands of those who created it to foster their fantasies, by creating of new sensorial dimensions.
The claim ´The heart of technology´ therefore assumes a twin meaning, proposing SIB as the central nucleus on which all the most advanced technologies converge, and at the same time the driving force of a world based on colour, light, sound and images, but also passion and emotion.

Organizers: Rimini Fiera SpA with the sponsorship of TEN and SILB; Frequency: biennial; admittance: trade members only; Hours: 10.30 am - 6.30 pm; exhibitor info: +39 0541 744206-744300 Web site: