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Skiff and Marvell Announce e-Reader Development Kit at 2010 CES

Skiff, LLC and Marvell  today announced the Skiff Reader Development Kit to help manufacturers to more easily create innovative reading devices with various display sizes, fast performance and reduced overall component costs.
It does this by leveraging the world’s first eReading System-on-a-Chip with an integrated Electronic Paper Display controller.
The Skiff RDK represents a leading-edge reference design that manufacturers can use to rapidly prototype and bring to market next-generation reading devices, according to Skiff representatives. Beyond an efficient system design, the RDK also includes built-in software support for the upcoming Skiff eReading service and digital storefront, which will allow consumers to easily access and wirelessly download a wide range of newspapers, magazines, books, blogs, and other content from multiple publishers. The Skiff service will enhance the utility and differentiation that manufacturers can bring to their devices, while increasing out-of-the-box consumer value.
“Skiff and Marvell are partnering to help manufacturers reduce how much time and money it takes to make high-performance reading devices,” said Gilbert Fuchsberg, president of Skiff, LLC. “In turn, this will make it easier for publishers to deliver engaging digital reading experiences to a broad consumer audience.”
The Skiff RDK system design is cost-effective due to the integration of the Marvell ARMADA SoC, which Skiff officials call “an industry first” that includes both an application processor and a high-performance controller for driving an e-paper display.
Combining these elements into one component reduces costs and power while improving overall performance.
“Skiff signifies a new era in live content distribution. As we move to the ‘always-on’ lifestyle, consumers are demanding instant access to a growing variety of high-quality digital content and information,” said Weili Dai, Marvell’s co-founder and vice president and general manager of Marvell’s Consumer and Computing Business Unit. “Marvell is excited to be a primary silicon platform solution provider for advanced and highly scalable solutions that will enable this digital content access anytime, anywhere and on any size screen.
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